LEAN 365 – grab the cyber security tips of July

During July we shared a total of 8 cyber security tips in LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Here is a compilation of the posts. Jump in together with Fitsec – and stay cyber safe!

158. Before clicking a link in an email message, you can hover your mouse over it to see the actual destination of the link


This can be used to identify potentially malicious links. For example, if the link text has a domain that differs from the actual link destination.

159. Don't buy cheap, no-name security cameras or other security devices


In addition to the old saying “buy cheap, buy twice”, cheap security devices often contain vulnerabilities and are not maintained by the manufacturer

160. On any devices that support it, make sure your screen automatically turns off and logs you out/locks itself when not in use


In case you forget to lock your device when leaving it unattended, your device locks itself and helps prevent unauthorized access to your device 

161. Don’t upload sensitive files to cloud services


Usually, the risk of an attacker gaining access to your account and sensitive files via cloud services is greater than an attacker gaining access to your local machine

162. Be careful with browser extensions 


Browser extensions can be malicious. If you haven’t heard of an extension or a website wants you to download one, you should be cautious. 

163. Periodically, check if your router still gets updates from your provider’s support page


If you are using a router that doesn’t get updates, it means it will not get the latest security updates and might leave you vulnerable for attacks

164. Don’t buy used USB drives or other storage devices


They might contain malicious files

165. Look out for social engineering. Do not trust just anyone and be suspicious if someone asks “too many questions” about your company.


It is a technique that involves manipulating individuals to divulge confidential information or perform certain actions. It could be through impersonation, building trust, or manipulating emotions.

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