LEAN 365 – grab the cyber security tips of September

During September we shared a total of 9 cyber security tips in LinkedInTwitter and Instagram. Here is a compilation of the posts. Jump in together with Fitsec – and stay cyber safe!

175. Restrict the installation of software to authorized personnel


This reduces the risk of malicious software installations

176. Implement role-based access control


This restricts employee access to sensitive data and systems based on their job roles

177. Keep your apps up to date


Developers often release updates to patch security vulnerabilities and improve performance

178. Be wary of apps that request excessive permissions


Some apps request access to sensitive data or device features (e.g., camera, microphone, location). Make sure the permissions align with the app's functionality.

179. Regularly back up your mobile device too 


This can help to safeguard your data in case of loss or theft

180. Use secure instant messaging apps that support end-to-end encryption like Signal or Wire


This ensures data integrity, security, privacy, and confidentiality in your communications

181. Protect the information related to your company's personnel, salaries, products, and sales


A leak of confidential information can bring down an entire company

182. When dealing with visitors in your company, verify who you are dealing with by asking to see an ID card


To prevent unauthorised access to your company’s premises

183. Join your local CERT authority mailing list for vulnerability alerts and other information


To stay informed about the latest warnings of security vulnerabilities and events