LEAN 365 – grab the cyber security tips of June

During June we shared a total of 7 cyber security tips in LinkedInTwitter and Instagram
Here is a compilation of the posts. Jump in together with Fitsec – and stay cyber safe!

151. If you must download a file from an email, scan it for viruses


Even trustworthy emails might contain viruses, it’s better to be safe than sorry

152. If you are an EU citizen you can ask companies to remove your data


In the EU, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) enforces the company to remove data when asked even if the company is not situated in Europe

153. Check email messages from unknown senders for grammar errors


If the message is full of grammar errors, it’s most likely a scam

154.  Don’t trust online converter websites (image, pdf etc.)


Even if these sites claim they won’t save your files, you have no way of verifying this is true. It’s best not to use them. These types of sites can also be used to infect your device with malware.

155. Consider enabling the ‘find my device’ -functionality on Android or Apple devices


If your device is stolen, you can use the find my device functionality to locate your device and remotely erase the data on your device to prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands

156. Make sure your important accounts have an up-to-date recovery phone number or alternative contact method


If your account is hijacked or compromised, having a recovery phone number or another email address makes it easier to get your account back. This can also make it harder for the attacker to change your credentials without access to your phone or other email.

157. Check your browser's privacy and security settings


Some settings like sending data for analytics might be enabled by default. For your privacy, it’s better to turn off settings that allow data gathering and sending.

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